When most people think of “power” they think of hitting the ball hard.  When we think of power we are referring to giving the player the ability to control the shot, whether that is with velocity or touch.  It doesn’t do any good to hit the ball hard if you can’t control where it goes.  To have real power, you need to have real control over all of your shots.  Whether you are serving a hard flat ball or trying for a soft angle, we are trying to give you the power of control.  Throughout our design and testing process these two things (power and control) were paramount to our thought process.   You can’t win a point if your shot goes into the net or goes out of bounds.  You can win a point one of two ways, your opponent misses their shot or you hit a ball that your opponent can’t get to.  Both of those goals are what these paddles are about.

The ARD Graphite GF200 does provide a little more ball velocity but not at the loss of control.  The ARD Fiberglass HF100 does provide a little more touch but without a great loss of speed.  Both versions give you the power to control your hit and therefore your opponent.  Pickleball is a sport where even the smallest advantage can be a huge difference in winning or losing.  Our A.R.D. pickleball paddles are all about giving you that power to control the point.  Whether your need to “dink and dunk” or “blast” a shot you will have the ability to do so.  

Travel through our website to learn about the technical and design advantages we incorporated into our paddles.  From the shape of the grip to the engineering of our throat section and choice of our materials we are all about giving you the power to control your game.  “Playing is fun.  Winning is more fun!” is our motto.  After all, they do keep score for a reason and if you are going to play you may as well have every advantage possible.