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Pickleball Now vs Then.

Up until about 4-5 years ago pickleball players were content with simply having some pickleball court lines painted on some hard surface.  Whether it was a slab of concrete, an old tennis court, basketball court or even a parking lot, pickleball players weren’t particularly picky.  My how the times have changed!

Pickleball players are no longer simply content to find any pickleball court.  Players now are looking for stand alone pickleball courts with no sharing of lines and no feeling of being that second cousin.  Courts now need to be a minimum of 64′ long and 32′ wide.  Of course multiple courts side-by-side will have a larger configuration.  Pickleball courts should have, at least, a 6′ high border fence (but 8′ is probably better), lights and a seating area.  Obviously surface colors can be a rainbow of possibilities with kitchens being one color, the play area another and outside the lines yet another color.   We have seen a wonderful array of court color themes and they all provide the pickleball player with a sense of the court being a singular use facility.

Cushioning has come in vogue lately and of course the epitome would be a cushioned indoor facility.  Lights are also now important and every decent pickleball facility should have a sun shade area and hopefully bathrooms and perhaps even lockers.   Places to sit between sets is always a good idea and an observation area gives the courts a very professional feel.

The one real standing issue with anti pickleball people is still the noise of pickleball.  We as manufacturers have been testing new materials, trying to find a more quiet sound than the old wood paddle and aluminum core sound.  This is an ongoing pursuit but sometimes we wonder if the popularity of pickleball has now made complaining about the noise of pickleball a non-issue.



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