About Us

Advanced Recreation Design is dedicated to providing innovative and inspirational recreation equipment.  We have spent three and a half years developing this line of pickleball paddles.  From initial concept and design, materials testing and selection, and innovative engineering, we have worked with one goal in mind – develop a paddle that is first in quality and first in playability.   From our innovative throat/handle design, to the injection mold we engineered and the materials and adhesives we use, we spared no expense to come up with our finished paddle.

We believe that our two paddles, the Graphite GF200 and the Fiberglass HF100, are trend setting paddles in the pickleball world.  Our motto, “Playing is fun.  Winning is more fun!” speaks to our goal to help you, our customer, play with the best equipment possible to give you the best results possible.  We can’t guarantee you will always win but we certainly can guarantee that it won’t be the paddles fault if you don’t!  🙂   Above all, have fun playing this great sport with great people!